Author Profiles

सीमा रावत
Sr. Sub Editor
A post graduate in management & PG diploma in mass communication & journalism with over 8+ years experience in print and digital Media. Currently She writes about health, fashion and trending topics. She is crazy about exploring new things and is a passionate traveler.
Shilpa R
I am currently working with Boldsky as Digital Sub Editor. I believe in being honest and speaking my mind. I believe that we all should give back to the community and being a journalist is my way of demonstrating this.
Divya Sahu
Sr. Sub Editor
Starting her career as a reporter with Asian News International (ANI), Divya Sahu has made strides in Radio, Web, and Print media in various roles ever since. From working as an anchor in All India Radio, she entered into the field of dual language sports writing, and carved a distinct niche for herself in producing contents related to lifestyle, beauty, health and relationships. She is equally adept at Hindi, English and Urdu, making her a versatile writer in her own unique way.
सलमान खान
Sub Editor
दोस्तों.. मैं यारों के शहर कानपुर से ताल्लुक रखता हूं। बचपन से ही दोस्त बोलते थे कि मैं थोड़ा फिल्मी इंसान हूं। बॉलीवुड का पन्ना अखबार में देखता था तो गाड़ी वहीं रुक जाती थी। अब खुद बॉलीवुड लिख रहा हूं तो ये अनुभव शानदार लग रहा है।
अजय मोहन
Editor - Special Projects
I am an Environment Journalist, love to play with data. Expert in writing data driven content. Blending of Data analysis in my 16+ years of experience in Print and Digital Media makes me a Content Strategist.